Video Games The Nonstop Entertainment For People Of All Ages

Many people spend about six to ten hours playing video games. In the United States and other countries, playing video games is the main kind of recreation. Whether it is PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii, people get hooked on the entertainment and pleasure of playing video games. It is also known that there is no physical endurance involved in playing video games besides moving our fingers. Seriously, playing video games will give exercise to your fingers.

Now, what makes video games so interesting? Frankly, it has to be the visual experience. This visual experience gives you an exhilarating feeling and takes you to another dimension. In this dimension, you can do impossible things in the real world. You can go on a killing spree, manipulate criminals, create empires, change history, create a war between countries, etc. The list goes on and on. The ability to do these things makes a person play different genres of video games. Sometimes, while playing them, they just forget the distinction between real and unreal worlds. Whether it is fantasy video games like Dragon Warrior II, Monster Hunt 2, etc., video gamers assume they are honest and sometimes try to do things possible in these games in real life.

Sometimes you may feel this is absurd, but it is true. Most of us give into video games. Why? It is simple. The visual experience and the storyline are just like watching a movie. Logically we know that these are untrue and impossible. For example, in the Mortal Kombat game, you can turn a person’s head 360 degrees round continuously and shoot a person with thunder lighting. Even the characters are pretty frictional, like fighting with ghosts, monsters, etc.
Now the thing is, video games are not bad. If you are a person who hates bloodshed or fighting, you could play other genres of video games.

They are strategy games like Shogun Total War, Spartan Total War, Total War Shogun 2, etc., which require strategic planning and skillful thinking to win the game. To play these games, you need to analyze and dust the rust off your thinking brain cells. You act as a military general and make sure that the number of casualties is less. Besides having fewer casualties, you also need to win the war and protect your people. Vehicle simulation games provide excellent realistic interpretation to gamers in operating vehicles. You don’t need to know how to drive a fighter jet or even have a license to drive fast-paced cars. You just read the instructions, know which buttons to press to handle the vehicle, and jump into the game. These games will give a feeling of real-life experience, which is hard to forget and resist.

Construction and management games test your management and business skills. These games take you to a level of planning, managing, and real-life situations. For example, in games like SimCity, you need to manage disasters and possible problems in real life. You could experience natural disasters like cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, and fires. In the game, you need to handle these disasters and their aftermath. It tests not only your planning skills but also your quick thinking.

The same is the case with business simulation games. They test your business skills as well as marketing skills. You need to analyze the customer’s requirements, hold marketing meetings, and conduct marketing analyses. Besides these things, once the product comes on the market, you need to know the customer response and check whether they are satisfied or not. If not, you need to rethink your strategy and start from square one. Man! It is just like managing a real company.

In short, video games are a wholesome entertainment package. They can sometimes be incompetent, but you cannot resist them. You still get hooked and find it pleasing. So all you gaming maniacs, log on to your internet connected by a service provider like Verizon FiOS Internet and have a blast of a time.

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