Save Money On Bills With Clothes Airers

Clothes airers have been around for centuries – it’s easy to imagine a load of fresh washing drying neatly next to an open grate fireplace. Then the Victorians took clothes airers to a new level altogether. Their take on the aesthetics of the everyday clothes airer produced iconic ornate designs still in use today. This very traditional idea is helping UK consumers save money on bills by eliminating the need for tumble drying – and with a clothes airer, there’s no need to worry about the rain outside. shopping aesthetic

The humble clothes airer might sound low tech and old fashioned but it presents a whole host of solutions to some purely modern problems. First of all, it can be an elegant solution to ‘line drying bans’. Following a generalised American trend, some housing organisations have begun to prohibit clothes drying outdoors, claiming it looks unsightly and could lower property values. Whilst this is certainly debatable, drying indoors with a clothes horse or ceiling airer avoids any potential confrontation with disgruntled neighbours trying to sell their property and so on. Next it affords a degree of privacy many in the UK will treasure – clothing remains tucked away indoors, where no-one can see your more intimate garments. Next, it’s worth remembering that while no-one is suggesting they are intrinsically unsafe, tumble dryers present a small risk of fire in the event of faults. Whereas obviously, lacking any electrical components, this will not happen with a properly used clothes airer. However, probably the most appreciated advantage for UK consumers is going to be their renowned ability to save money on bills.

Running a tumble dryer is expensive compared to other electrical items – it simply needs to use a great deal of power. Its use is understandable in the winter months when it is too damp to dry successfully outdoors, but using clothes airers is a far more economical solution. If anything, you’ll be ‘doubling up’ by capitalising on the warmth from the electricity or gas you’re already paying for when you heat your home. There’s also no danger of clothes shrinking, which can be an unexpected expense associated with tumble dryers. If you’ve ever needed to replace an expensive cashmere sweater with suddenly child-sized arms, you’ll understand how annoying this can be. There’s also none of that ‘rumble from the tumble’ noise to contend with. You may find clothes on an airer stay softer longer, as some say that mechanical drying may remove some shorter, finer fibres in clothing. There are then other benefits for the environment and perhaps the general air quality.



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