Rent Lamborghini and Rolls Royce in Dubai.

A Luxury Automotive Service in Dubai [UAE]Rent Rolls Royce in Dubai.Rent Lamborghini in Dubai

Looking to hire a sports or exotic car in Dubai? Spider Cars offers the best deals at local rates. Our prices are definitely the cheapest in all of the UAE. No commission. No hidden charges. Free delivery to your location – hotel or residence anywhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Rent and drive a supercar over the weekend! Rent Lamborghini Huracan Coup, Spyder, Aventador, Roadster and Urus in Dubai.

We work with only professional luxury car rentalin the region. our rental terms are standard and convenient for tourists and residents alike. Book via phone, WhatsApp or email and get the car delivered to your doorstep (free delivery). No commission. No hidden charges. Prices include insurance.




Car Lease Dubai

Through our large network of lease operators across the UAE, we can assist you in finding the best long-term car rental plans for any type of vehicles. The lease tenure ranges from 1 to 3 years at the end of which the leaser (company / individual) returns the vehicle. It’s no doubt that the UAE, especially Dubai, has successfully transformed itself from an oil-dependent one to a tourist destination and business hub. Today, it boasts a range of business industries, luxury experiences and superior lifestyles for residents. The nation has attracted diverse populations from across the world: developed as well as developing countries. All the biggest brands from all over the world have set shop (and branches) and are thriving in the oasis.

For those who live in the UAE, car is the preferred and essential mode of transport. The country is distinctly car-centric with its affordable petrol prices, harsh summers and extravagant network of roads. Even for professionals who plan to work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for a definite or indefinite period, leasing a car in Dubaiis essential to ease their movement. While many living in the UAE buys a car given the frequent sale offers, it often turns into a liability rather than an asset. This is where car leasing trumps. The cost to lease a caris much lower than to buy one.

Cars are quick depreciating assets, transport vehicles more so. Vehicle leasing provides you with the advantage of making zero down payment, only the lease contract has to be signed and a refundable security deposit has to be given. All other expenses related to the car registration, maintenance, insurance etc. is borne by the car lease company. Car leasing covers maintenance, registration and insurance for the term of the lease. Just in case your car breaks down or meets with an accident, you are provided with a replacement vehicle to keep you on the road.


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