OnePlus 9R Smartphone With Oxygen Perks


The new device from Oxygen has been praised by many in the industry for its powerful features and cutting edge technology. Be it the innovative Dual Camera setup or the cutting edge sound system, this phone from Oxygen has everything that can make your day on the go amazing. But if you want to buy the OnePlus 9R, you need to get it from a reputable online store as cracking the code to avail the benefits of this phone is a tough job, and doing so online can be very tricky. OnePlus 9R

The stunning design of the OnePlus 9R is what makes it stand out in the industry. With loaded with so many features, the ides to this device have made it a must have in the modern world where multitasking is a must. It features a sleek body and an eight gig internal memory, large enough to store all your apps, data as well as multimedia. Loaded with an enhanced CPU, the ides to this device ensure a smooth response time, enabling you to multi-task, play multiple games or even run any heavy application without facing a speed restriction. Apart from this, the device also features a heart rate monitor, wide-screen that offers a crisp display, a high-end speaker and front facing camera. Add to it a removable battery pack, a stunning keyboard and a large amount of memory and you have a must have Android smartphone.

The oneplus 9R has two unique features that make it different from the others – the SIM card tray and the power key. The slot for the sim card is designed in a unique manner that allows you quick access of your preferred contacts. If you are planning to buy this phone, you must make sure that you buy an ideal one according to your needs. This phone comes with two sim slots, an micro SD slot and a Nano-capable USB port. The USB port is used to download and install software while the micro SD is used to store media.

The OnePlus 9R has an innovative and user friendly software which offers the users plenty of options. You can customize its looks and increase the number of themes from its default settings. You can set it up as a gaming console, a camera or as a photo-taker and a music player. Themes such as sport, music, wildlife and marine life are available for this device. When it comes to gaming, you can choose from an extensive collection of popular Android games, ranging from those that are created specifically for smartphones to those that you can download directly to your device. If you love taking photos, then the default settings let you use the standard camera to take pictures.

The OnePlus 9R comes with a unique feature known as the Oxygen Plus mode, which helps in increasing the performance of your device. This is done by giving you a complete control over the functions of the phone and gives you a chance to do things in a much better way. With the aid of this mode, you can perform tasks like optimizing the system, managing data, setting up alerts and many more. You can also perform a series of different tests, including detecting defects in the camera, editing, optimizing and printing pictures.

The one big disadvantage of the OnePlus 9R is that it does not support the older versions of the Android operating system, namely Kit Kat and Gingerbread. However, this problem has been corrected in the latest Oxygen OS 3.4, which is already being used by several devices such as the iPhone and the Google smartphone named Chrome. A major disadvantage of the phone is that it lacks some key features of other modern smartphones such as the Camera component, microSD slot and USB connectivity. However, these are issues that will be sorted out as more Oxygen phones are manufactured.

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