Interactive Cat Toy for a Happier Pet and Owners

Having an interactive cat toy can immensely help pet owners in many ways. This is a very good tool to develop physically healthy cats, a good way to ease pet’s depression or boredom and a good source of fun time between pets and owners.

Animals do have feelings and they get depressed. You can actually detect depression in their change of behavior. Depression may come from factors like losing a family member, arrival of another animal (especially another adult cat), change of environment, and boredom. Scratch and Purr

Cats are very sensitive to human behaviors. They are able to remember the patterns of their time to work and coming back home. When family member leaves the house, let’s say your son goes to college and does not return after several months, your cat may miss him. She may come towards the door every time a knock or a doorbell is heard expecting to see your son’s familiar face and smell his familiar scent. After several days you may notice your cat losing appetite realizing that one of his human families are no longer around especially if she is attached to that person.

Cats that were brought up to be the only pet in the house may develop jealousy if a new pet is introduced. Like humans, cats also desire to have interaction or playtime with their owners. Lack of this activity can cause boredom and eventually depression of your animal. You can detect depression when your cat becomes lethargic, eats less than her usual consumptions, sleeps most of the day and likes to stay in just one spot most of the time.

To relieve your cat’s depression, the quickest way to achieve that is to create some play time. Caressing her fur is one thing, interactive playing is better as this engages your cat into a more physical activity. Cats are active predators and I have found that our cat enjoys running after her toy mouse attached to the end of a stick. My dad and I would make her chase that toy mouse as we control the stick on where she should chase it. This has become a daily exercise for her as well since she can be a really lazy pet. Not only that, we have found this to be a surprisingly fun time for us too, finding ourselves laughing so hard when we see her move around and slide on the floor all the way from one corner to another. We are enjoying this so much and are thinking of buying her a new interactive cat toy.

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