How Do You Make a QR Code?

When I first laid eyes on the Quick Response (QR) code, it was alien. A bizarre looking barcode that reminded me of a maze the way its insignia seemed etched on to canvas. Then with one touch of a button, a snap, as if taking a picture on my smart phone, those alien markings became alive as it manifested information for me in a blink of an eye.

No wonder it’s called quick response code! Operating with the speed of a mother ship in hyper drive, this so-called QR code became the bridge between the physical print world and the intangible digital realm, right before my eyes.

You don’t believe me? In a few short months the QR code has gained a lot of traction as a marketing tool. If you haven’t at least seen a QR code it’s time for you to get with the times. This simple code is plastered on magazine advertisements, posters and billboards, business cards, and other print media. create a QR Code

With the click of your smart phone it’s time to be teleported to distant worlds in the form of videos, coupons, web pages, contact information, or other content. This QR code will boldly take your marketing to the stratosphere! In this case, the stratosphere is exactly where the viewers want to go. QR codes, with a simple click, will ‘capture’ the individuals’ interest that very moment! So, whether you’re a big time marketer placing a magazine advertisement or small business doing a promotion, instant response means you don’t lose their attention!

Here’s another way to look at it. Just recently I read an ad that I liked. I looked around for a piece of paper and pen, didn’t find one. I took my cell phone and entered the information manually into my note application. That took me a couple of minutes. You get the picture, right?

There have also been times that I didn’t even bother to do that. I simply lost interest in the product or service until the next time I just happened to stumble across it. I’m sure you’ve had similar experiences. So, imagine when your customer doesn’t have to say “forget it” and can respond instantly to your message? Yup, I saw that light bulb just go on!

Also, QR codes are very inexpensive to add to your print campaigns.Is there really a good reason not to use them? None that I can think of, that’s for sure. Your print pieces transform from static to dynamic. For example, you can add “dramatic” product demos to pricing guides; you can send trade show prospects right to your website.

Plus, you can let them download your company contact information right to their phones instantly. With this level of interactivity it’s no mystery that top brands are now applying QR codes to their marketing. Companies, such as GMC, Ford, Google, Pepsi, Facebook, and Starbucks have joined the QR code frenzy.

What’s more, QR codes are trackable! QR codes are a simple way to track interest of your product since it ties direct to internet sites. For instance, you can track the number of individuals that snapped the code from the flyer hand-outs at the tradeshow last week. Or you can track the number of mobile users most likely to respond to the tradeshow graphics or that magazine ad. That’s the level of tracking we’re talking about!


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