How Are Composite Doors Manufactured?

Composite front doors are manufactured from high quality laminate subframe that is designed according to the slab size of the front entrance of the client’s home. The laminate subframe is normally chosen due to its strength, stability and workability. The doors are further strengthened with thermoplastic skins to withstand high impact pressures. The thermoplastic construction had proved that such composite doors lasts several years without the need for any repainting or other types of maintenance. Finally, the door is fitted to an outer UPVC frame that had been reinforced carefully for maximum safety and easy installation. fd30 fire door and frame

These front doors are manufactured to the exact specifications that had been fixed in each country for the construction of such doors. The external doors should necessarily pass the security standards like the PAS 024 and weather performance standards like PAS 023 in the United Kingdom. The toughened glass reinforcement is normally of 4 mm thickness that meets the BS 6206 Class A building regulation requirements of UK. Even the locks should be ABI approved. The construction of such doors in other countries is also done according to the local specification for each portion of the material used in composite doors.

Since the construction of such doors is free of wooden materials, they would not shrink, warp, swell or rot due to varying weather conditions. Since the colored materials use GRP materials for the colored skins, the doors would not reveal a different under-layer color, even if the surface gets scratched. The adherence to the security standards ensure that they would provide maximum level of resistance to forced entry or break-in through human and mechanical efforts. Further, these doors could be easily fitted with multi-point locks for added security. Installation of burglar alarm systems and other modern security systems is also quite easy and cheap.

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