Comic Book-Based Slot Machines

Designers of video slots machines seem to be very fond of comic books. These comic books are a great source of inspiration, with bright, static graphics that look like the ones you see on a slot. Plus, their adventures can be a source of good bonus games. slot online

Many of the Marvel Comics heroes have found their way to online and live casino slots. The Amazing Spiderman is a very popular slot. It has a lot more similarities to comics than TV or movies adaptations. The graphics are much darker and more frightening than the cartoons.

Similar features can be found in the Incredible Hulk slot. As part of the bonus, the slot machine games see the hulk tearing away reels very menacingly. The bonus game is also violent and good fun. Marvel Comics slots offer huge jackpots. They are often linked in progressive jackpot combinations to give you monster prizes. Slots are also available for Thor and the Fantasic Four, which are based on comics. The Human Torch graphics is particularly impressive.

The popular Mike Mignola character Hellboy has been turned into a slot machine. Fans of the comics were surprised to learn that this was a slot game. They were wrong!

DC Comics has also allowed two of their characters to be adapted into slots: Batman and Wonder Woman. This bonus game features Wonder Woman vapourizing many foes, and was a great job by the developers.

We can expect to see more comic-based slot machines.

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