Choosing Office 2010 Is One of the Best Things to Do

Everyone knows that the Microsoft Office Suite is one of the best office as well as home use software’s available. However, there are plenty of people who haven’t switched over to Microsoft office 2010 even after two years of its launch and there are basically two reasons as to why this has happened:


  • Compatibility Problems and
  • Price Issues


When compared to the previous versions of MS Office, this particular version has a lot more to offer in addition to its cool looks. So, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons as to why you should switch over if you haven’t already done so:

Easy Managing

Whether you’re office work revolves around word documents, spreadsheets or even presentations; managing them has never been easier. Each of the famous programs i.e. Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel as well as FrontPage and Publisher have been updated with cool new features. 오피

Some cool features added

Way back in 2007, Microsoft Office launched the Ribbon – it was great; but, with the new version of office, you get an improved ribbon feature. There are plenty of tools which are only present in this edition using which you would be able to edit documents as well as images.

PowerPoint is now all powerful! The new features that were added were and are still amazing. Some of the best features include the broadcast slideshow using which you can create astonishing Presentations. In addition to the above mentioned feature, there’s also the presence of an auto-highlighting option, bar color-coding as well as amazing synchronization. The display too has been improved a lot.

Excel is one of the best programs that the Office suite consists of as major businesses all across the globe use it. Using the latest version of Microsoft Office 2010, you would easily be able to integrate slicers, sparklines as well as powerpivot into your spreadsheets. Also managing data in your cells and columns is a whole lot easier with the amazing math equations and support that is present.

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