Basics About Cartoon Drawing That Beginners Should Know

I often see beginners of the cartoon art make the same mistake and because of that their journey into the amazing world of cartooning become short-lived. 4anime

The mistake is they try to draw cute cartoon characters at the very outset. It is true cartoon characters are fun to look at and that precisely is the reason youngsters of every age group get attracted to the art.

But it is also to be kept in mind that those cute figures are creation of masters of the art and they achieved that skill level after lots of hard work. This is not to say that the youngsters that want to get started with cartoon making do not want to do hard work. This is to say they need someone to tell them that one needs to learn to walk before he or she runs.

Without that basic guidance kids start drawing a cartoon character from magazines or news paper and gets frustrated when they find what they produced is way behind the original figure in terms of cuteness.

Getting a basic drawing book and practicing simple inanimate forms at the beginning as taught in the book is the way to go. Then as the time passes more and more complex drawing can be attempted. Trying something complex on your own before getting the basics cleared is almost guaranteed to failure.

So the bottom line is keep it simple and inexpensive when you are just beginning. Keep the following point in mind if want to go ahead in world of cartoon making.

1. Get a good book on cartooning.
2. Use simple materials.
3. Do not try complex drawing unless you are thorough with the basics.
4. Do not use computers until and unless you are good with pencil work

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