Adopting From A Dog Breeder

Evaluating and choosing a good dog breeder may take many visits to various breeders for the right match. Be patient. Dog breeders show their canines, so a good place to meet them is at a local dog show.

You will find good dog breeders and not-so-good ones.  Puppy Breeders Calhan Colorado

A dog breeder raises, sells and often shows dogs of a specific breed, or maybe a few breeds. Top breeders raise dogs with good genetic lines, temperament test every puppy, and test each parent to help ensure against congenital defects.

The knowledge and skill of a good dog breeder has tremendous bearing on how the puppy turns out.

Unknowledgeable and amateur breeders are the source of most health and temperament problems affecting purebred dogs. Good breeders breed only when they have a list of buyers to adopt the dogs. Beware of breeders who create puppies and then worry about how to dispense them.

Genetic defects.

A dog breeder who tests prospective parents for specific disorders before breeding has the breed’s best interests at heart.


  • Sire and dam should have a hip clearance from OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) or PennHip (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) with documenting certificates.
  • Sire and dam should have current eye clearances from CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation). This must be re-done every year and should be certified.
  • A good dog breeder will screen for hypothyroidism, Von Willebrand’s disease (disorder affecting ability to clot), epilepsy, and cardiac conditions.

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