A New Nursing Way – Temperature Transducer

Transducer technology plays an increasingly important role in medicine field, and not only are the devices supervised, but also the conditions of the patients, their way of life and whether or not they took the medicine. Researchers in America predicted that this technology will have an unpredictable influence in the medical domain. Some senior citizens have found that the supervision technology may have them stay longer at home and their living conditions will be improved, either. thermocouple

The final purposes of all the remote monitoring and remote health systems are to improve the quality of patient nursing. Although the emergency response button are available so that most of the old can press the buttons when emergency happens, however, many of them do not use the button due to many reasons like the handicap, unawareness and far away from the button.

The system, however, will change all of these conditions. With the system, information obtained from different sensors will be correlated and create a kind of algorithm about the patterns that patients walk around the house. Once the mode has been established, the system would able to assess whether the patients are or out the expected sphere. Based on the estimation, a corresponding alarm will be sent out. For example, when a patient walk around his house for quite a long time or want to go to the basement, the system will make a sound to remind the nursing staff to come to see what happened.

There are three goals that can be achieved in medicine field by using transducers: efficiency increase, nursing environment improvement as well as a point that can easily be neglected, rule observation. With the help of the temperature sensors, records can be collected easily and continuously. Related IC for the temperature sensor is:


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