Time to Start a New Project 


Mercury Retrograde Conjunct Sun – another Mercury Cycle Begins 


At whatever point Mercury Retrograde makes a combination with the Sun, another Mercury cycle starts. Very much like the Moon has cycles, Mercury has cycles, as well. Consistently we have roughly 3 Mercury cycles. 


A Mercury cycle, as a rule, goes on for 116 days. When Mercury is conjunct the Sun, the past Mercury cycle concludes, and another Mercury cycle starts.  mercury retrograde


The Mercury-Sun combination happens in Mercury Retrograde. 


That is the reason Mercury Retrograde periods can be confounding. A 4-month Mercury cycle closes, and another 4-month Mercury cycle starts. Change is continually befuddling! In any case, by and by essential. 


Mercury Retrograde conjunct Sun is like a New Moon, and it’s an opportunity to begin something new. 


If New Moons (Moon conjunct Sun) are incredible to begin an action, you can finish in one month (or one lunar cycle) 


… if Jupiter cycles (Jupiter conjunct Sun, happens just once per year) are incredible for starting an objective you can finish in one year… (one Jupiter cycle) 


… Mercury cycles are incredible for beginning undertakings you can finish in a 4-month time. 


The length of the cycle (approx. 4 months) is ideal to launch and finish medium-term projects. 


Mercury And The Mind 


Mercury controls the psyche and the reasoning cycles, correspondence, travel, short excursions, business, desk work, and our everyday exercises in Astrology. 


Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun. This closeness makes Mercury challenging to notice and decipher. 


One thing we DO know: since Mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun, and Sun is our character, our Self, Mercury is simply the most natural energy to the. 


Indeed, it is recognizable to the point that we don’t see it. That is why we are to us more often than not – because Mercury is ALWAYS someplace near the Sun. Indeed, we befuddle our self-appreciation – our identity (the Sun) – with our psyche (Mercury). 


When we become mindful that we, not our psyche, and that truth be told, the brain is only a device -, then, at that point, you can make Mercury work in support of ourselves. 


The Four Phases Of A Mercury Cycle 


While the vast majority have known about Mercury Retrograde, not many have known about the entire 116-day Mercury cycle. 


The Mercury Cycle, very much like every one of the planetary cycles, is essential for a ceaseless winding of development. The retrograde stage denotes the moment that we shift from one province of “Mercury” to the following. 


There are four Mercury “stages” in a Mercury cycle: 


Stage I – Observe and Insight 


Stage I begins at Mercury’s sub-par combination to the Sun and goes on until Mercury turns direct. 


February eighth – February nineteenth, 2021 


Mercury has a solid will and a good feeling of direction in this stage because of the experience with the Sun. Unexpected clearness can come at this stage. You can discover better approaches for getting things done or discover new answers for your issues. 


Also, albeit this stage may not yet prompt clear answers, the present moment, you know about what’s happening, and you can discover arrangements and better approaches for activity. 


Stage II – Prototype and Test 


From Mercury direct until Mercury’s better combination than the Sun 


February twentieth – April eighteenth, 2021 


Mercury is at its most high speed now – this is the point at which we are fit for exceptional mental work. This is a decent stage to start and pursue, satisfying the drive you began at the hour of the substandard combination. 


This is a fun chance to test different components of your arrangement. Attempt to get input, see what works and what doesn’t. 


Stage III – Build 


From Mercury’s predominant combination until Mercury turns retrograde. 


April nineteenth – May twenty-ninth, 2021 


Mercury’s prevalent combination with the Sun denotes a period of perfection. Take what you began in stage I and “prototyped” and “tried” in stage II. Your undertaking can now, at last, come to fruition and appear. 


Mercury is getting a “rude awakening” from the Sun, who behaves like a “guardian” and orchestrates the fantastic pieces and pieces created in the past stages. 


This is the ideal opportunity to “go live” with your task. 


Stage IV – Analyze 


From Mercury retrograde station until Mercury’s sub-par combination to the Sun 


May thirtieth – June tenth, 2021 


Mercury’s fourth stage is reflective and thoughtful. You presently need to find the higher significance of the previous three months (from the start of the current Mercury cycle). 


The last stage is extraordinary to “examine” what you did in the initial three stages and perceive how the result can prompt a far superior result, to be started in the following Mercury cycle. 


Mercury cycles keep going for just about four months. Notably, the best course of events for an undertaking is from 3 to 4 months. This is a sufficient opportunity to dive into a theme, do your exploration, test and construct, and afterwards break down your yields. 


Anything that goes past four months loses force or turns into the point. Two adaptation of the past project. 


You generally need to keep your tasks inside this period. Do you have an objective that requires over four months to finish? Forget about it! Just separate it into 4-month smaller than usual activities. 


The 3-Step Process To Work With The Mercury Cycle 


Take as much time as necessary to zero in on a task you need to embrace. Follow these three stages to identify your task and plan it as per the Mercury cycle: 


1) Consider your present needs. These needs ought not to need quite a while to finish. A significant individual change will take longer than four months to get a graduate degree and construct a house. 


Likewise, your Mercury undertaking ought to require sufficient opportunity, so you don’t finish it’s anything but a couple of days just – for instance, composing an article, completing a show, or figuring out how to cook another dish. 


You need to identify something in the middle, a task you could finish in 3 to 4 months. 


2) For more direction, look in your natal outline to find how to house the Mercury-Sun combination falls in your diagram. For instance, if it falls in your second house, you might need to begin an undertaking to produce another kind of revenue; if it falls in your fourth house, you might need to make home improvement; in your sixth house, you might need to begin another eating routine, etc. 


3) After you have identified your venture – split it into four different stages as per the four periods of the Mercury cycle. Attempt to adhere to the timetable. You need to go through about fourteen days for the first and fourth stage and around five weeks for the second and third stages.




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