4 Reasons Why Your Makeup Brushes Are Getting Damaged

To look beautiful you need to have makeup brushes. Studies show that many people damage their makeup units thus need to replace them every now and then. This results in them spending a lot of money that they shouldn’t. If you are finding that your brushes are getting damaged more often than they should, here are some of the reasons why this is so:

You are using the wrong brush

Makeup units are designed for different roles. Some are designed for powder application and others for concealer application. Just like in any other area, using the wrong unit results to damage of the unit. To protect your units from the damage you need to use the right unit for its designated role. For example, use the powder brush to apply powder. If you aren’t sure of the right brush to use always get the advice of a professional. makeup brush kit

You are buying cheap units

Just like anything else, makeup units come in different sizes, colors, and prices. Due to financial constraints, it’s common for people to go for the cheap units as they are affordable. Just like any other cheap product, the cheap makeup units get damaged fast and as a result, you have to replace them more often. To avoid wasting money you should buy good quality brushes. They will last for long and also give you great results.

You aren’t using the brushes the way they should

While some of the people struggle with cheap units, others buy high-quality units but fail using them properly. One of the major concerns is that people using a lot of pressure when applying the makeup. This results in damage to the brush hairs and you are forced to replace the brushes. For your brushes to last for long you should use mild pressure when applying the makeup. In addition to avoiding damage when you do this, you also get to achieve even makeup application.

You aren’t cleaning the brushes properly

Most people know that they need to clean their makeup brushes regularly in order to achieve ideal results when applying their makeup and also prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. While this is the case, studies show that most of the people don’t clean their brushes properly. According to the studies, most of the people don’t use brush guards when cleaning their brushes. Due to this the water pressure and cleansing misshapes the brushes fast and you have to replace them.


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